Success Stories Shared by Our Customers
"I loved coming to every appointment because they were very nice in greeting me when I came in. They always were happy and had a smile. I will miss them!!"
- Sandra
"I am very grateful for Dr. Browns work and her staff. I am going to miss coming because everyone was so welcoming and nice. Thank you for my beautiful smile."
- Cesi
"I liked how they always cared about you and they were always in a good mood. They are very caring and nice. They also made you feel welcomed all the time."
- Lucy
"Everyone in the office was so sweet and positive! It is a very nice office and I enjoyed the experience. I loved invisalign! Perfect alternative to braces, especially since I was a little older when I decided to straighten my teeth!"
- Emily
"They did a wonderful job and I would tell anyone to get braces here. The people are so kind and always smiling."
- Lauren
"Everyone here was super nice! I enjoyed coming here. All of the appointments were fast. I didn't have to wait long. They did an amazing job on my teeth. I love them so much."
- Jillian
"The staff are all so nice. I had a great time here. Loved the way they treated me. "
- Karis
"Dr. Brown and the staff are amazing and the service is great. The games at the front desk make you feel like you're part of a community, which is cool. The braces are great too! "
- Dane
"I enjoyed the experience of having braces. Everything went smoothly, which was mainly because of the staff. Everyone was very sweet. I appreciate everything you all did for me! Thank you. "
- Cassandra
"I was so excited on getting my braces and fixing my teeth. I loved seeing the staff and Dr. April Brown. I enjoyed the fun and cheerful atmosphere. I'll miss my braces but I can't wait to finally eat corn on the cob and beef jerky. I loved every minute of my experience at Hill Country Smiles! "
- Maria
"I love the way things went with my braces. The staff was very interactive with the patients. The care was great. Had such a great time with my braces."
- Logan
"I loved how the staff was always so nice and they were always in a good mood. I want to be an Orthodontist when i'm older. It really made me look forward to the future. "
- LIz
"The staff was AMAZING!! Everytime I came in for my appointment it was always fun and everyone was happy and always smiling. I loved having my braces. It was fun. Thank you for everything yall did and making my smile look amazing! Thank you! "
- Hope
"I liked how nice and caring the staff were. They were always careful and made sure that my teeth and gums were comfortable. They worked really hard to make sure everything was perfect. I really appreciate it."
- Cheyenne
"Everything was awesome! Couldn't have asked for a better staff. Dr. Brown was so patient with me even though I broke like a million brackets."
- Megan
"Dr. Brown and her staff were always so friendly, welcoming, and helpful. I really enjoyed my journey with Invisalign. It was a super easy way to fix my teeth. I love my smile! "
- Karen
"Ya'll were very nice and caring towards me. You asked me about my daily events school, sports, etc. That made me feel liked you cared. You treated me at every appointment like I was the king of the day. All the staff here are very awesome, really sweet, and kind."
- Connor
"I really enjoyed my time with braces because it was a good benefit for me. All the staff are really nice and take excellent care of you and your teeth. I just want to say thank you to all of the staff and Dr. Brown for allowing me to have a great experience with braces. "
- Zachary
"I absolutely loved my time working with Dr Brown and all the staff. They were always so friendly and nice. I really appreciate how understanding they were. Through my last 2 years in college, a 6 month study abroad trip, and constant rescheduling because I couldn't drive in from Austin, I had a long but worthwhile journey. Thank you Dr Brown and everyone at this office for making this such a positive experience! 10/10 would recommend!!!"
- Berenis
"I liked how nice everybody was and the enviroment of the office. I enjoyed having my braces for the most part but i'm happy it's finally over."
- Lexi