Success Stories Shared by Our Customers
"I loved how kind everyone in the office always was/is to me and how they were always so willing to work around my schedule. I appreciate how thorough Dr. Brown was with my braces, making sure to get every little thing right. I've always been extremley self concious about my smile but now I have nothing to worry about. I'm grateful for my new smile and the connection i'll always have with Hill Country Smiles! "
- Erin
"It was a great experience with a great atmosphere and great people."
- Ricky
"I really liked the staff and how caring they all are. I never had problems with my braces and the staff always made sure I was comfortable."
- Anna
"I had a great experience with my braces. I had a lot more responsibility when I had my braces. It taught me how to take care of my teeth. I loved picking out my color. I never thought that I would be happy showing my teeth."
- Emerald
"The staff/peeps were very nice. They were always fun to see... Except when I broke a bracket. But some how I liked the braces. But don't get me wrong i'm glad they're gone!"
- Wyatt
"Dr. Brown's office is beyond AMAZING! The staff is so kind and everyone always has a great positive attitude. I always came in knowing I would be treated great! Everytime I look at my teeth, I will forever be grateful for Hill Country Smiles!"
- Rachel
"Everyone was so sweet and helping, I always feel welcome when I come. Thanks for an amazing experience! "
- Olivia
"I enjoyed the christian music that is played and the staff are all very kind. I am very happy with how my teeth turned out! Thank y'all very much!"
- Sadie
"I loved coming in for my braces. I've always wanted a bright shiny smile and now I have one! I also loved getting out of school to come get them tightened too. Doctor Brown and her staff are nice and some truly amazing people. I will never forget what they've done for me."
- Chance
"Getting my braces on here was amazing, and the workers were the greatest. They were very nice and always made sure I was cared for. The braces experience was made alot better here. I loved coming in here during the holidays when there were always little games and contest. Thanks for all of this great care and help."
- Ethan
"I felt like I was given an opportunity to smile. When I was 6 and 7 years old I always kept my lips closed whenever I smiled. But now I feel like I can smile knowing the amazing work that you and the staff have done for me. For this I owe a million thanks and so much more . Thank you!!! "
- Gabriel
"The service is great as is the atmosphere and staff. The quality of care is great and the people are very kind and understanding. The staff is wonderful! They are very patient, easy to talk to and compassionate. "
- Mannah
"Everyone was so great! Helpful, friendly and kind in the process of change. Even on my bad day!"
- Sharon
"I was always excited for my visits. Everyone here is so sweet! I never had any problems and everything was painless(for the most part). I am so grateful for these ladies and the awesome work they do! "
- Mercedes
"Thanks for making my teeth straight. "
- Wesley
"I loved how sweet everyone was, they made me feel so good about myself! They treated me like family and I'm so thankful for that! "
- Lindsey
"I liked yall alot. Yall are very nice and caring. I wasn't sure about getting braces at first, but yall helped me through everything. "
- Brooklyn
"I am very grateful for such a lovely set of helpers. I came here because I was unhappy with my teeth and all of yall changed that. Yall were all very nice and pretty. I got a compliment on something almost every time I came in brightening my day. I can't thank yall enough."
- Ashlyn
"Everytime I walked in the office I felt a good vibe. The staff was very kind and loving. They would always find a way to make my day!! This is one of the best experience I will always remember for my entire life! Love yall!"
- Jackie
"Everybody was nice and was good at their job. They were very good with their patients. They all felt like family."
- Esai